Upholding 2015  millenium development goals in Kenya....


Educating children on the Slums in Nairobi Mukuru Kwa Njenga - project leaders Ruth and Fred..


Kisumu Education Prorgamme led by Bonface  and team..yes we were graduates!



Our work in Kenya is in two separate sites. These are:  
Mukuru Kwa Njenga Slum of (kitengela) Nairobi and  in Bondo villages near Kisumu. We are empowering  widows on the slums  by upgrading them to better land holdings  (shamba or small farm) where they can farm, sale produce and empower their young families with education and proper nutrition as well as access to healthcare.  We educate orphan  children on the slums by paying fees providing books and uniforms..
Kisumu  -  The community home based care programme in Bondo (Kisumu) is completely holistic.  We are grateful to a number of our staff who provide a  total voluntary service. Their commitment to these children is highly commended.
We are in partnership with Standby Me on the slum work in Nairobi. Philedelphia has helped us over the years with the work in Kisumu.

Upholding millenium development goals on eradicating poverty, promoting education rights for all, upholding access to healthcare for all children...all this through agriculture, empowerment, leadership grooming and training of our youth and children.



More on empowering....less on donations...!


Our  focus areas are  empowering the community to enable the orphan and vulnerable child. Education..! Education..! Education.. the key to personal empowerment and freedom. Ensuring food security through agriculture projects for vulnerable households.  VOAC  works in Community-based childcare centers run by volunteer caregivers to provide an ideal entry point for reaching young children. We support the government’s efforts to improve the quality of early childhood development by training caregivers and by strengthening management committees. We also work to help communities recognize and address the psychosocial needs of particularly vulnerable children, especially orphans. 


Empowering widows on slums




Raising widows from poverty in the slums to self development through empowering and self sustaining projects. Donations are good but  not the answer.


 Tackling teenage pregnancy among orphan girls on the slums...its all about the girls!!

We not only put our girls through school, but empower them through apprenticeships like hair styling, infant teaching training to mention a few. We tackle child prostitution by removing child orphan prostitutes from the streets to shelter refuge centtres. The unfortunate children are forced into prostitution by poverty and need. The streets are rough and unfriendly; so  the girls welcome positive mentorship and grooming for wellbeing and digniiity. Tracy for example, lost her father. Raised by her poor mum on the slums, she knew no other life. Pregnant at 15 and out of school, the future looked bleak. Fortunately, VOAC have taken on her case. She is now in hair dressing school as she awaits delivery of her baby. VOAC have taken her mum into the local co-operative farm with other widows. Now the family have all moved from the slum.

Kirshaw's husband died leaving her with 3 children on a slum. Her youngest toddler died of severe dehydration after a burn during the night when the kerosene lamp fell on him. The family could not access medical attention through the night. So they  waited till dawn to walk the 20 mile trip to the nearest clinic. By dawn, her son was dead. Now left with two children. Kirshaw has now moved  from the slum to a holding nearby. We are now driving self belief in her  by self empowerment through financial independence. Kirshaw has skills to work in a nearby shop. She also is now part of a agricultural co-operative we sponser. Kirshaw now manages her own  world with strength, dignity and refuses  shame and stigma......the power of relevance....yes Kirshaw is relevant...We are educating Kirshaws children in a nearby school. They too, are relevant...