Voice of the African Child  (VOAC, Formerly Shiloh Children's Life Centres), is aimed at enhancing the lives of orphan and disadvantaged children in African States. VOAC believe in empowering families, foster carers and communities to provide maximum home based care for the children. We are a member of Save The Children's Scaling Up nutrition Programme (SUN Alliance).

As the common saying goes, its takes a whole village to raise a child. That stands true in that it falls on us to reach out to the orphan and disadvantaged children.

It is our hope that as you read through these pages you will be stirred to get involved in fulfilling the dream of even one child. This can be done by being a part of restoring an orphan or disadvantaged child to wholeness and wellbeing through your love in action.

Our aim is to aid development by empowering locals to attain a ' self sustaining' attitude. For so long, African states have received donations from all over the world and this has helped enormously. However it has not addressed the mind set of a donor mentality. At VOAC, we avoid perpetuating this mindset. Rather, we seek to empower locals by re educating them and turning their mindsets to self sustaining projects which will help them reach the orphan and disadvantaged children, reduce poverty, ill health and maintain self dignity and literacy.

So far we have children's projects in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi, Lesotho and Zambia. VOAC are being called upon by various African communities to help however we require resources and workable relationships with local leaders and governments in order to achieve the children's dreams. 

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